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Uniboom is an Australian-owned manufacturer of spray equipment including retractable hose reels, boomspray and weed sprayers , pumps, crop sprayer and parts. Our range of quality spraying equipment includes:

GPS Precision Ag.:
• Auto Shutoff
• Rate Controllers

Retractable Hose Reels
• Remote Retractable Hose Reels
• Remote Retractable Spot Spray Units Manual Start
• Remote Retractable Spot Spray Units Electric Start
• Remote Retractable Twin Reel Spot Spray Units

Sprayers & Boomspray
• Boomspray
• Sprayers in Stock
• Sprayer Specials
• P.U. Sprayers
• P.U. Sprayers Eng. Drive
• Tray Mounted Sprayers
• Linkage Sprayers
• Trailed ATV Sprayers
• Trailed Sprayers
• Tray Mounted Boomsprays
• Detachable Boom Kits
• Nursery Trolley Sprayers
• Gold Courses Sprays
• Firefighters
• Lawncare Trailers

Sprayer Pumps

• Bertolini Poly PTO Pumps
• Udor Zeta PTO Pump
• Bertolini Pumps PTO
• Engine Drive Pumps
• Engine Drive Pumps
• Flange Mount PA Series (For Gearbox Drive)
• Bareshaft Pumps
• Pump And Gearbox
• 12 Volt Pumps

Accessories and Pumps

• Brass Fittings and Swivels
• Chemical Induction
• Control Units
• Filters
• Flow Meters
• Foam Markers
• Hose and Tube
• Hose Reels
• Nozzles
• Pressure Gauges
• Sprayguns
• Tanks
• Valves

Uniboom offers spraying equipment and sprayer components including Bertolini Pumps, Polam Spraying Equipment, Salvarani Spraying Equipment, Bulls Spray Equipment, ASJ Spray-Jet & Nozzles, TeeJet Spray Equipment, and Arag Spraying Equipment.

To learn more, visit UNIBOOM - spray equipment or call us on (02) 9627 5580.



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